Clover Four

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Clover Four offers training courses in sales and marketing, as well as business coaching and consulting. We also do website development, graphical design of marketing materials and custom software development, for example smartphone and tablet apps. As an outsider to your business, but as an insider to the industry, we can often highlight any blind spots in your sales, marketing or operations that could be holding your business back. We can train your team on sales and marketing related topics and can also work with you over a longer period of time to improve specific aspects of your business. Clover Four was founded by Christel Land, who is also the author of the ‘Cutting Edge of Self-Storage’ books. Over time, she has grown the team with talented graphical designers and web developers. She has handpicked the team from around the world, which means that Clover Four is able to offer a first class delivery of websites and marketing materials at a very reasonable price point. Christel Land entered the self-storage industry in 2002 and has worked both as an operator, a supplier and now as an external partner to numerous self-storage businesses around Europe. She often speaks at industry conferences and also delivers training courses through the Self-Storage Association. To read more about Christel’s background and to read client testimonials, visit her LinkedIn page or the Clover Four website.