Launched in 2020 our new Sector Forums provide an opportunity for members to network, share best practice, discuss the challenges, trends, opportunities and the latest news within the Legal, Containers, Security and Technology sectors.

Meeting both in person and/or online around 3 times per year, each forum is led by a nominated chair who will oversee the group's activities and disseminate information gathered to the SSA UK and its members. Chairs are chosen based on their knowledge and expertise.  

Access to the sector forums is complimentary to SSA UK and FEDESSA members. 

UK Legal

The Legal Sector Forum aims to:

  • Keep members abreast of updated or new legislation relevant to the self storage sector
  • Help develop future changes to the MAP and standard agreements
  • Improve the legal knowledge base of SSA UK members
  • Share members’ experiences and outcomes of legal issues
  • Share best practices on managing legal issues within stores


The Security Sector Forum will serve as a platform for members to:

  • Discuss security due diligence
  • Raise awareness of Cyber Security
  • Provide opportunities to discuss and tackle issues/challenges
  • Consider risk and compliance
  • Evaluate new technology in security
  • Work with the police and other government bodies as appropriate to improve industry security and deal with potential threats to the industry


This Sector Forum connects container operator members who will work together to:

  • Promote container storage
  • Drive improvements and innovation
  • Share effective best practices
  • Provide opportunities to discuss and tackle challenges or issues
  • Encourage sector networking
  • Provide mutual support to new container operators
  • Suggest any changes to the industry standard for container operators


The Technology Sector Forum will:

  • Evaluate and discuss new technologies in the industry
  • Provide a working group for suppliers to discuss and test new technology
  • Look outside the industry to technology that could impact self storage
  • Share experiences in adopting new technology in the industry