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The SSA UK represents and supports a high proportion of all self storage operators and many of the industry supplier organisations in the UK.  Acting as the authoritative voice of the industry, the Association seeks to promote best practice and facilitate the growth of the self storage industry in the UK. 

The SSA UK’s Membership Standard ensures operator members adhere to strict operating principles and the Association’s best practice guidelines.  We also have a code of conduct for both our supplier and operator members.

We are positioned at the centre of the self storage industry throughout Europe via our membership of the Federation of European Self Storage Associations (FEDESSA) and are able to bring a wealth of experience, know-how, and advice to members.

Member benefits

Our comprehensive range of member benefits include; access to the licence agreements, legal support, industry data, online resources, QuickGuides, a monthly e-news and quarterly industry magazine, security alerts, HR and business support, member promotion, access to a mystery shopping service, networking events, member helpline, a UK national conference and a European annual conference along with training sessions tailored specifically for the self storage industry.

There are three different ways you can be a part of the SSA UK:

Full Member

To become a full member of the Association your site and company must adhere to the Membership Standard set out by the SSA UK and its board of directors. The standard contains the basic principles the SSA UK considers to be vital for every self storage site. Please complete the form below to apply.

Direct Debit - Membership Fees from 01/03/2023 (new members and existing members)
Site 50 units and under - £510 + VAT per annum
Site over 50 units - £750 + VAT per annum
Additional fee (per site) - £195 + VAT per annum

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SSA UK Subscriber

Designed to support individuals or businesses who are researching future involvement in the industry, potential investors, new entrants to the sector, a site in the early stages of planning, existing self storage businesses who do not currently meet the SSA UK industry standard, or who do not offer traditional self storage as defined by the SSA UK, and those with a general interest in the industry.  This is not a membership category and as such, there is no time limit on how long you may subscribe to the Association.  To subscribe, please complete the form below.

Direct Debit -  Subscriber Fee from 01/04/2023 
£400 + VAT per annum

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Supplier Member

For any institution or company which is, or intends to be, a supplier of goods and/or services to providers and operators of self storage facilities.

Direct Debit -  Membership Fee from 01/03/2023 
Suppliers - £750 + VAT per annum

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If you are interested in becoming a member of the Self Storage Association UK, or have any questions, please contact Stephen Ramage - [email protected]