Universal Storage Containers


USC sells Z-Boxes in Europe.  Insulated, collapsible and easily partitioned storage containers. The six most common Z-Box types, ranging from 1 to 8 compartments, are usually available from stock. USC has a professional and experienced construction team throughout Europe that quickly and professionally assembles the Z-Box.  Containers are placed at the agreed location within the storage park and with turnkey delivery, you can start renting out immediately.  USC has continuously won the ISS Award for ‘Best Portable Container’ since 2011. USC also has its own leasing company which means a competitive customized leasing offer, and a flexible acceptance policy for our customers throughout Europe.  USC Europe is run by Dutch brothers Jan-Hein and Maarten Streppel who have been active as multi-site self storage operators since 2006, and joined forces with USC in 2018. They know what is involved in running a self storage site to maximise profitably and are happy to advise you on this interesting journey.