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iBidOnStorage, winners of the 2021 FEDESSA Innovation Award, is the UK’s No.1 storage auction platform. The UK website was launched in October 2020 and has since sold more than 5,000 auctions and registered more than 15,000 bidders. The platform offers a simple and straightforward mechanism to sell abandoned storage contents, while mitigating the industry risk at the point of sale. 

There are no collection or admin fees and all the results of an auction can be downloaded to prove the market set the price in the event of a legal threat. Through a larger targeted audience, we believe your recoveries will improve too. 

Our site is designed to give storage operators greater control over the auction process, by giving them full access to their own account and allowing them to set their own auction parameters.  Bidders have 72 hours to collect a unit which results in faster turn-around times and storage operators can re-rent their storage unit quicker than ever before.