Know Your Market

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Know Your Market designs and delivers world-class customer experiences, for modern, customer focused businesses, who want to differentiate on service. From market research and mystery shopping that defines your optimum customer experience, to fully managed 24/7 live chat that delivers exceptional service to your customers, Yomdel offers market leading business growth where it matters. The customer! For exclusive SSA UK member Mystery Shopping packages and pricing please visit the Know Your Market website. 5 years ago, Know Your Market pioneered high quality, fully managed live chat services to the storage, removal and property sectors, and now serves over 2500 businesses across multiple UK sectors, and is now the market leader in Australia too. In addition, today Know Your Market offers 24/7 voice call and email support, with social messenger channels coming on stream this year too. Yomdel Insight Services - Market Research and Mystery Shopping, uncover customer truths for your business, and also measure and benchmark current customer satisfaction. Know Your Market ensures you take the risk out of decision making and identifies exactly what steps to take to improve your customer experiences, differentiating you from your competition. Partnering with UK businesses, in 2018 Know Your Market services delivered an average of 32% incremental revenue through client websites and improved customer experience, a staggering 18:1 ROI. Know Your Market's service approach is first and foremost ‘quality’, naturally leading to a total focus on success outcomes for your business. In short, we grow your business in line with your targets.