Published: 03 Sep 2020
Last reviewed: 15 Oct 2021

The MAP is designed to explain basic legal principles and outline practical solutions to everyday problems. 

Updated in September 2020 to include contacting customers using social media, siging customers up online and improved data security along with adddition of the new standard storage agreement.

Key areas covered:

  • The standard agreements and when to use them
  • Signing up a new storer and ID
  • Fundamentals of the legal contract
  • Overdue payments and selling goods
  • Accessing units in different situations
  • Deceased and bankrupt storers
  • Handling information
  • Insurance
  • Credit/ debit card details
  • Disaster recovery
  • Checklists and standard letters
  • Contacting customers using social media
  • Signing customers up online

Any questions, please contact the SSA UK Office on 01270 623150, or email [email protected] 


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