Love it or loathe it technology is important, ever evolving and every industry needs it, including self storage.  It can enable a business to work more effectively and efficiently so it is no surprise more and more self storage operators are embracing new technology in order to save time, money and to keep up with the competition.  The recent increase in online bookings due to the impact of COVID-19 demonstrates where adapting and using technology has helped many operators continue to offer the same great customer service albeit, remotely, and during particularly challenging times.

If you are considering the introduction of more automation, entering the VR space, offering Bluetooth or QR access, introducing environmental monitoring or any other type of technology or innovation, then these meetings are a must to attend.  They are designed to evaluate and discuss any new and emerging technologies and will provide a working group for our suppliers to discuss and test new technology too.

We will also look outside the industry to technology that could impact self storage and of course there will be opportunities during these meetings for you to share your own experiences in the use of current technology as well as adopting new technology.

These complimentary to attend meetings will be held 2-3 times per year and are open to all SSA UK and FEDESSA members.  Currently, all meetings will be held online via Zoom.

The group also communicate using a LinkedIn page and WhatsApp group.

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2023 Technology & Innovation Sector Forums