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This is what our existing operator members have to say about us ...

“For a small owner operator, being a member of the SSA UK has given me reassurance in our business and processes, the confidence to operate, comply and progress in the industry, the support to help us grow and compete and the motivation to be better all the time, for our customers but more importantly for our bottom line!” 
Sam Burge, Hall and Burge

"Having been members of the SSA UK since 1991 we have derived immense value throughout the past 30 years. In a niche, unregulated sector that is fast growing, the shared knowledge and advice provided by the SSA UK is hugely valuable and re-assuring. The opportunities for networking and liaising with industry colleagues is also a source of both great friendship and valuable learning and sharing of experiences. The Annual Report and data compiled by the Association are respected reference sources for the banking and investment communities who support our growth. Looking forward to many more years of enjoyable and valuable membership." 
Paul Glenister, Easistore Self Storage

“Membership to the Self Storage Association brings a wealth of benefits to Lok’nStore Plc; access to knowledge, training, advice and the ability to connect with other members to ensure best practice across the industry. As long-standing members, we continue to see the benefits year after year as the association grows and improves its offering.  During the pandemic, the role of the Self Storage Association has never been more important, from simply connecting members to lobbying for rights for its members.  The advice it has provided has been timely and valuable and allowed us to continue to provide an invaluable essential service to our many customers.”  
Tom Lampard, Lok’nStore Plc

“The SSA UK fosters open and engaging communication to develop our industry, markets, and revenue streams. With input from operators of every size, the support offered is relevant across each member's commercial objectives and operational needs. The Association has proven invaluable, offering clear and timely navigation in a considered and unified way through unpredictable times.”
Daniel Saunders, Storage Mart

“I believe that membership of The SSA UK is essential for every operator in the industry, new, old, small or large.  Whilst there are many benefits, the quality, support and advice provided during the COVID-19 pandemic has truly highlighted the value of membership.”
Dave Davies, Double D Consulting

“As a smaller independent self storage operator I believe it is vital that we demonstrate a professional image and being an SSA UK member does this for us. Prospective customers are instantly re-assured by the SSA UK logo that their goods will be safe when stored with us. Over the years we have provided storage for multi-national companies only because they knew they could trust us as SSA UK members.”
Edward Howard, MegaStorage

“We are members because it gives us peace of mind that we have up to date information on the industry, access to training to move our business forward and being part of the association aligns with the professionalism that we feel is integral to our company ethos.”
Jo Moon, Indoor Self Storage

"For anyone starting in this industry, I would definitely recommend becoming a member at the first available opportunity!"
Louise Gallimore, Vulcan Self Storage