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Adaptainer – where shipping containers cost less and give you more. Up to 9 out of 10 self-storage businesses overpay for containers. Not with Adaptainer though. As a container manufacturer, we let you cut out the costly resellers. And that’s just the beginning of how we can help grow your self-storage business. Founded in 1989, our mission remains to build you the best storage container in the world. Introducing the new XL Vent Container. The world’s only shipping container with up to 8x more condensation-fighting airflow. XL Vent Containers help you stand out from the competition and increase profitability. Gain an advantage with this patented container design which boosts anti-damp airflow, even when containers are positioned next to each other and end-to-end. This means you’ll have the freedom to fit more containers into your site – while still giving customers the airflow they need to help guard against damp storage. XL Vent Containers give you relief from worrying about poor ventilation. They empower you to have more satisfied storage users and achieve more profit potential per square foot. You can purchase or rent XL Vent Containers from nationwide depots. Standard-used container options are also available. Rise above your competitors with an improved storage solution that attracts customers, builds loyalty, and optimises your site’s capacity – all at no extra cost. Put our best container price guarantee to the test today.