09:45 – 10:15

Developing valet storage models

30 mins Live Session

Learn how Carl founded LOVESPACE in 2011 along with Brett Akker and grew it into Europe's largest valet storage provider with services in the UK, Lisbon and Dublin.  Raising over £8 million through crowd funding and other investment along the way.  Hear how he believes the door to door self storage model has a place in the post COVID-19 society and how this impacts and compliments traditional self storage.


Carl Ameln

First Risk Capital

Carl August Ameln (52) is the founder of City Self-Storage (now listed on Oslo Stock Exchange), EuroBox, HyrBox and Lovespace. He is also the cofounder of StoreBox in the UK and Ireland. Carl also is a partner in Trastering in Spain and GardeTout in France. Carl was also the founding investor in Zipcar UK. See www.firstriskcapital.com for more information.