15:15 – 16:00

Technology in Security

45 mins Live Session
Learn about the latest developments in security from both suppliers and operators.  Are you using the best methods to protect your store and customers.  Including changes to pin code access, security reports, blue tooth access, cloud based CCTV and more.


Hugh Murray

CEO, Bearbox

Hugh is a chartered engineer with a background in power plants, including nuclear engineering; he then migrated his engineering skills to fire and security systems. You might see him in any number of capacities from initial design survey to technical support or representing Knighthood and Bearbox at trade shows.  He developed an intelligent Cloud based security system which can monitor all types of inputs and provide the necessary warnings and alarms to allow customers to control access to their sites and manage the security within it.
Christine DeBord

Vice President of the Smart Entry & Facility Automation Division, Janus International

Christine DeBord is the Vice President of the Smart Entry & Facility Automation Division at Janus International, the leading global provider of doors, hallways, and automation technology to the self-storage industry. DeBord has a wealth of knowledge and experience with self-storage access control and technology and has spent five years in various sales and marketing leadership roles within the industry. Prior to joining the Janus International team in 2018, DeBord was the head of marketing for PTI Security Systems.  In addition to her role as VP of the Smart Entry & Facility Automation division, DeBord leads the marketing team at Janus International Group for all companies and business units. 

Rory Windham

Go Store

Rory has 15 years’ experience in the self storage industry and has been in his current role of Operations Director of 1st Storage Centres Ltd for the last 10 years. Previously, Rory worked for Aardvark, which was the largest independently owned self storage company in the UK before it was sold onto Mentmore plc. who operated Spaces Personal Storage. Rory stayed with the company through the move, and for a further two years, before it was sold to Safestore, who Rory briefly worked for before joining Norman and setting up 1st Storage Centres Ltd. Rory joined the Board of Directors in June 2015.