Annual Survey Forms

It’s annual survey time again and we would really appreciate you taking the time to complete this year’s survey.  The SSA UK Annual Industry Report is one of the most comprehensive studies into any self storage market in the world, due largely to the fact that it has such a high response rate to the survey.  This allows the SSA UK and Cushman and Wakefield to complete a detailed study on the industry broken down into regional areas and other subgroups.


Please note that all data provided is treated with the strictest of confidence.  No SSA UK member or any other industry operators receive access to your individual survey results.  Before the results are sent to Cushman and Wakefield all identifying elements including business names, addresses and postcodes are removed after the data has been sorted into regional groups.


You can complete the survey by filling in the spreadsheet.   Note that there are 2 tabs in the spreadsheet, one for questions on your business and one for questions on each of your stores.  Please complete both tabs and provide data for all your stores.  If there is a question that you are unable or unwilling to answer, then please skip this and complete the rest of the survey as we would prefer to get some data than none.

Also attached is an explanatory document that provides detail on all the questions.  Please read this document in conjunction with the spreadsheet.


Download the spreadsheet here


Download the explanatory document here


Please complete the survey and return it to by Friday 14th February 2020.


We are also looking for businesses that are willing to allow us to survey their customers.  This is done online through a survey link emailed to your customers.  If you agree to this you receive the anonymised data for your business.  If you are willing to participate in this part of the survey then please contact Bryony at and she will send you details on how we conduct this survey.


We appreciate your time and effort in completing this survey and look forward to presenting the final report to you in May.