Young Leaders

The Young Leaders Group (YLG) recognises and supports youth in the industry with the idea being for a group of under 40s to get together to network and share ideas. This is not only for owners of self storage businesses, but people in management roles too.

Led by Paul Whittaker and Madeline Fahey the group currently consists of 83 young leaders from across the sector representing large, small, independent and supplier members.

Meeting approximately twice a year, members of the group also attend the FEDESSA Annual conference and Trade Show in October. 

Most of the networking takes place on Slack where they share best practice, ask questions and gain insight into other companies, experiences and knowledge base.

The YLG are hoping that bringing together the future of our industry and sharing ideas will help take the UK industry to the next level.

For further information and details on how to join the group, please use the tabs on the left hand side.