Advice to self storage operators

Advice to self storage operators on the COVID-19 Outbreak

Updated 1 April 2020

On March 23 the government increased its restrictions on mobility of people across the UK and closed down all retail shops.

This was not unexpected and inline with the advice we have been giving members over the last week or so. The following is pertinent to your businesses. 

Self Storage is not retail, it is a service provider and some of your customers may be providing critical services or supplies. It also provides storage for many businesses that continue to operate such as online retailers, teachers and people in constructions and trades.  Self storage stores can remain open and your staff can travel to work if necessary.  

Advise your customers that while the store remains open it is only for essential services people and businesses that are allowed to remain open under the government advice.  Residential customers should be deterred from accessing their units unless they have a critical reason to do so.

If you can manage your store remotely you should do so. If staff need to be in the store limit it to one staff member at any time except for extra large stores that require 2 people to operate and they can easily keep the 2m isolation restrictions. Reception and office areas should be closed to customers, staff can use these areas exclusively.

Keep staff removed from customers and other people, 2 meter minimum but ideally keep staff in the reception or office and customers in the store.

Remain vigilant with your cleaning programme.

If you do not believe your store has essential service customers or businesses that are allowed to operate during the lock down you should close.

If you chose to close your store make sure you contact all customers and ensure there are emergency contact details prominent at all entries to the store.

Keep to the government recommendation of social distancing, minimise any contact between customers and between customers and staff.

We will continue to update you as more information comes to hand. 


More advice as issued on March 18 can be found here