Advice to self storage operators on the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Updated 16 July

It is clear that social distancing provisions will need to stay in place for the foreseeable future and this must be considered within your self storage business.

The current social distancing procedures need to become a normal and functional part of your operation with a full store of customers.  Procedures that work during lockdown with limited visitors to the store may not be suitable once more people are traveling and your store gets busier.  Consider what you need to do as a business to ensure all customers and staff comply with social distancing.

Customers will need to wear face coverings when inside your reception area or retail shop. Staff are not required to wear face coverings if there are other suitable protections such as screens or a 2m seperation. 

We reccomend when taking customers on a tour of the store both customers and staff wear face coverings.

Customers do not need to wear face coverings when accessing their units.

More details on the exact measures self storage businesses should be taking along with details on cleaning processes, furlough, training, accessing government funding and other resources are in the members section of this website

Keep to the government recommendation of social distancing, minimise any contact between people.