Self Storage UK FAQs

Is now a good time to join the industry?

According to the latest survey undertaken by the SSA UK in conjunction with Cushman & Wakefield, the UK’s self storage industry is definitely growing. There are an estimated 1,582 self storage facilities in the UK providing a total of approximately 45.6 million sq ft of storage space.  A clear opportunity remains as penetration levels in the UK are only a fraction of those in mature markets such as the US and Australia.  In the UK there is only 0.68 sq ft per person, compared to around 7.3 sq ft per person in the US and around 2 sq ft per person in Australia.

What does the SSA UK do?

The Association’s mission is to promote and support the interests of all those who own, operate and invest in self storage in the UK through raising awareness of self storage and promoting best practice for the benefit of members and their customers. To achieve this, the SSA UK aims to:

  • represent the United Kingdom self storage industry, nationally and internationally
  • raise industry awareness nationally
  • promote industry standards and codes of ethics for the benefit of customers
  • promote (and when appropriate defend) the interests of the industry with relevant Government departments, agencies and regulatory bodies
  • liaise with Government departments, agencies and regulatory bodies in respect of any relevant issue as may be required, and advise members accordingly
  • communicate with existing members, regulatory bodies, the media, financial institutions and the public
  • increase membership
  • enhance the value of membership whilst continuing to support members
  • provide regular, reliable and relevant industry news, statistics and information

Why join the SSA UK?

The organisation offers a wealth of experience, know-how and operational advice to its members as well as access to detailed expertise on all aspects of the industry from specialist planning and construction advice through to legal, security, IT systems and merchandise.

In addition to advising and supporting members, the SSA UK provides numerous opportunities to network with other members and discuss industry trends at its many conferences and trade shows, training days, members meetings and other events.

Members, including industry suppliers, are also provided with a full membership list, a copy of the Association’s quarterly magazine UNLOCKED for each of their sites, as well as details of training opportunities and a legal helpline.

Three types of Membership:

Provisional Operator
For any potential or start-up operator (leading on to Full membership once a business is up and running or has met the standard criteria)

Full Operator
Open to any UK based operator (subject to meeting the standard criteria)

For any institution or company (subject to our supplier membership criteria) which is, or intends to be, a supplier of goods and/or services to providers and operators of self storage facilities

For more information about each type of membership contact the SSA UK by clicking here

How much does it cost to join?

For information on membership fees, please contact Hannah Speed at the SSA UK office by clicking here

Where can I find the latest industry news?

The SSA UK publishes a quarterly magazine called UNLOCKED (formerly Focus) which includes the latest news, features and analysis relating to the UK market as well as activities across Europe.  UNLOCKED is only available to members of the SSA UK and FEDESSA. To receive a copy if you are not a member, please contact Hannah Speed about membership of the SSA UK here.

Additional member news and developments as well as back copies of UNLOCKED are available in the members’ only section of this website.

Where can I find more information on industry suppliers?

The SSA UK carefully selects a list of preferred suppliers that are recommended to members. All suppliers have agreed to the Association’s Membership Criteria and a list of suppliers is available in the suppliers tab. In addition, the annual European Conference & Trade Show is well attended by all areas of the industry including operators, investors and suppliers.

When is the next SSA UK event or European Conference & Trade Show?

Details of upcoming events can be found here.

Does the SSA UK operate in Europe?

The SSA UK is the UK’s trade association and as such acts on behalf of UK operators and suppliers.  It is also a founding member of FEDESSA, the Federation of European Self Storage Associations, representing UK interests at this forum. To learn more about FEDESSA, please visit the FEDESSA website at